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  •  (1) Leave Applications without HOD's approval will not be considered as valid. Please, contact your HOD for approval.
  •  (2) Leave period without approved leave application will be treated as LOP (Loss of Pay)
  •  (3) New Employees should register with eManager to gain access
  •  (4) For eManager login details click Here
  •  (5) Apply for Permission / Late if the Biometric attendance is kept late up to 1 hour from your starting time. - Director (E&T)
  •  (6) Apply for CL if the Biometric attendance is kept late beyond 1 hour from your starting time. - Director (E&T)
  •  (7) HODs are requested to apply & approve the Message for Leave information from their staff in HODís login itself. - Director (E&T)
  •  (8) If Message for Leave by a Staff to the HOD is not applied, the concern Staff is requested to apply on the next day of leave availed. - Director (E&T)
  •  (9) Get the approval of Director (E&T) by letter when applying for continuous Earned Leave(EL) for more than 5 days and then apply online. - Director (E&T)
  •  (10) Maternity Leave and Medical Leave also should be approved by Director (E&T) by letter and then apply online. - Director (E&T)
  •  (11) Vacation Leave (VL) should be applied through Vacation proposal form and then online also. - Director (E&T)
  •  (12) The L/P, F and A remarks are considered as LOP only. Avoid these remarks by applying proper Leave Application. - Director (E&T)
  •  (13) Unapplied / Unapproved Leave applications will lead to LOP even Leave eligiblity found. - Director (E&T)
  •  (14) Payroll processing is done on 21 of every month. So all online leave applications approved within 20th of every month will only be considered. - Director (E&T)
  •  (15) Both IN and OUT timings are required to process your Late / Permission / Half Day Leave applications
  •  (16) Maximum 2 Late / Permissions are allowed for a Salary Month Period
  •  (17) All Staff are requested to apply their leave if not found in leave application manager and get approved immediately.

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